We are here to help YOU incorporate fun and engaging theatre activities into your classroom!

Teachers, as you know, arts-infused lessons offer learners an in-depth understanding of the curriculum while sparking curiosity, building empathy, and developing communication and teamwork.

And we are here to help YOU incorporate fun and engaging theatre activities into your classroom with tools, ideas, one-on-one support, and professional development.


We offer full play scripts, lesson plans, and more over at Teachers Pay Teachers!

These step-by-step lesson plans put learning and creating in the hands of the students. Each lesson plan incorporates standards-based curriculum into daily activities (45 – 55 minutes) that end with student created plays and performances.

This interactive tool allows you and the students to create plays in real time about topics you are studying.

Artists In Residence

We also offer in class residencies where professional Teaching Artists create and implement a lesson plan based on your class’s specific needs.

Ideas/One-On-One Support

Here you can find a variety of theatre activities and games to inspire you and your lesson plans. You can always email us at teralyn@theatreteacher.org to set up a phone call or an in-person meeting to develop your arts-infused lesson plan.

Professional Development

We are Here for YOU!

Our Teaching Artists are available online and in-person to lead you and your team in a hands-on experience to teach how to create and incorporate arts-infused lessons and ideas into your classroom. Email Teralyn at teralyn@theatreteacher.org for more information.