These are theatre games and activities you can do in your home with your family. No stage required!

Write a Play

Recommended playwright age 6+

Script outline

1. Choose up to three characters.

2. Choose a setting.

3. Choose a problem.

4. Use the script outline to write the dialog.

5. Perform your play!

Put on a Play

Actors and audience members*

Recommended actor age 6+

Any props or costumes you have (real or imaginary)

Perform Princess Penelope and the Dragon.

* Your audience can totally be your stuffed animal collection. So can the actors.

Audition Prep

Ages 10+


Prep your monologue, so you can confidently walk into that audition ready to share your talent and professionalism and get the part! Click on the accompanying document for tips on picking a monologue.

To be used with the accompanying Worksheet.

Discover Shakespeare

Ages 8+

Workshop Packet

Don't get caught up in the words, instead discover Shakespeare by enjoying the images he paints with them.

To be used with the accompanying Workshop Packet.

Be a Play Critic

Recommended critic age 5+

Something to watch the clips below and the Performance Critique worksheet

1. Watch the following clips:


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief


2. Use the Performance Critique worksheet to critique the play.

Act Out a Story

Ages 3+

Your favorite picture book

Your living room or bedroom


1. Read the book. Ask the questions: Who are the characters? Where did it take place? What happened?

2. Read the book again, stopping on each page and have the child act it out. Feel free to join in.

3. Try to act out the book a third time without reading the book.

Improv Challenge: Props

Recommended ages 7+

At least three things from your house that can be held in your hand

Your living room

How to play:

1. Place the home objects in front of you.

2. Pick up a prop, and SHOW what it is by how you use it AND with one sentence.

3. Hand it to the next person and have them turn it into something completely different.

4. Repeat

Here's an example: Using Fun Props for Theater Games for Kids.

Stuffed Performance

Ages 3+

Your stuffed animal collection

Your living room or bedroom


1. Decide on an event for your stuffed animals. Here are some to get you started:

- Firefighters putting out a fire

- Dance party

- Alien invasion

- In school learning

2. Pose your stuffed animals to match your scene.

3. Have someone guess the scene.

Be a Movie Critic

Ages 5+

Your favorite (or least favorite) movie and a printer

Some snacks (optional)


1. Watch chosen movie. Eat snacks (if desired).

2. Print the Movie Critic worksheet.

3. Critique the movie.

Spot the Difference

2 or more players

Ages 3+

One room in your house


1. Choose a room in your house.

2. Observe and memorize everything you can inside it.

3. Invite the other player(s) to change three things about the room while you step outside.

4. Go back into the room and try to spot the three things that were changed.

Puppet Show

Ages 4+

Create puppets, canvas and paints*

1. Talk about the ingredients of the story - characters, setting, and problem.

2. Create puppets (usually 2 a piece) - Hint: This is a good time to talk about the "ingredients of the story, and what your story might be about.

3. Give the puppets a name and choose their setting.

4. Paint/create a setting using canvas and paints (or just use what you have).

5. Set up the setting and perform your story.

Tips: Help your child create dialogue with questions, for example 'what would you like to do today?'

Follow your child's imagination. Let them take you on the adventure.

* If you don't have these things, you can always use what you have. Stuffed animals, paper, pencils, or create a set with blankets and pillows.

Cold Reading Prep

Ages 10+

In this quick 5-minute video, discover what a Cold Read is, when you see it, how to prep, and tips to be successful.

There's also more fun games on our 'In the Classroom' page!